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Can we afford
to work sustainably?

Our WeShape team has been dealing with this question even before the company was founded. It epitomizes a structural problem in our society. Those who want to do good and make their contribution to form a community commited to social change often find themselves in conflict with economic responsibility: rent, loans, family or even the desired standard of living need to be financed.

Far too often, purposeful work is not adequately remunerated in comparison to what is actually being done. Today, "systemic relevance" is rarely synonymous with financial security. And not everyone has the time to do voluntary work in addition to their job.

And this is where commercial enterprises come into play.

It is important to recognize that sustainability and commitment must not only be the task of the social sectors. Every company that benefits from society and its resources can - and should - find ways to give something back. Corporate Social Responsibility is the keyword. Many companies have already recognized this importance, but without fully using the potential that social engagement can generate. And this is how WeShape came to be born.

We want it to be profitable to work sustainably.

We want everyone to be able to contribute to positive change in the future without having to change to another industry. We want businesses to continue to operate economically, but at the same time to be able to assume more responsibility by making this engagement worthwhile. In that way, the available resources of non-profit organizations are to increase sustainably so that they can do their important work. And so in the future they will also be able to adequately remunerate their own employees.

How do we intend to achieve this?

With WeShape, companies distribute their donations in form of credits to employees or customers. These in turn can donate their credits to the projects that are particularly close to their hearts. In return, they now receive regular updates on their projects and learn exactly what happens with their donations. At the same time, the app encourages them to share these news through their own channels, which in turn increases the visibility of both the company and the NGO.

Employees and customers are thus an active part of the social commitment. Consequently becomes tangible: Every employee who generates profits for the company with his or her commitment also contributes to a positive change in our society with this commitment.

The result:

Employees can do good, the company benefits from employee retention and positive publicity, and non-profit organizations gain access to higher budgets and increased visibility.

Wouldn’t WeShape also be an asset for your company? Then let us get in touch!