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Why companies use WeShape is a CSR engagement platform. In other words, a tool that simplifies the management of corporate donations and at the same time enhances the added value from these donations by involving employees. This enhances the sense of meaning in everyday life and creates "Purpose". All with a positive impact on society and the environment. In the following article we have summarized the benefits for comanies.


In the future, we should all take more responsibility for our environment and society. Even companies cannot escape this change. Employees and customers are demanding more social commitment, which affects their choice of both employer and brands.

With, companies can increase their impact by supporting non-profit organizations through donations. At the same time, they democratize this part of their CSR (or corporate citizenship) activities and thus promote employee participation. This strengthens the feeling of working for social and sustainable causes among employees. In addition, the organizations receiving donations also benefit from greater visibility. Impact is boosted at all levels.

Strengthening employee loyalty and satisfaction

By involving employees in the donation process as described above, the emotional connection to the company is improved. With exciting features like the social KPIs or key impact indicators, we can communicate a clear purpose to employees. This can satisfy employees' need for more purpose in their daily work.

Positive branding throughout the year

With, the donation budget is spread over an entire year. Not only does this ensure that organizations receive donations on a consistent basis, but it also provides a constant communication cause for companies.

Increased employee satisfaction enhances the likelihood of positive word-of-mouth recommendations by employees. In addition, companies can use the aforementioned key impact indicators to communicate their contributions to potential customers and business partners.

Simplification of donation management

In the traditional donation process, selecting suitable donation beneficiaries involves a great deal of administrative effort: choosing the one right project that fits in with the company's values, while inspiring the employees. With WeShape, that process is simplified.

Companies select a number of projects from the WeShape pool and then let their employees decide how to distribute the donation. This allows everyone to support the organizations that are closest to his or her heart.

Broader impact of corporate donations

With WeShape, companies amplify their impact. Several social projects in different impact areas are supported. This allows CSR goals from different areas to be served equally. And a greater impact also arises because nonprofit organizations gain a broad audience through WeShape.

Instead of just drawing attention from management or the CSR department, nonprofits reach the entire workforce. They can build an emotional connection through the integrated newsfeed, which benefits both sides.

What our clients say

'Using WeShape has improved the way our employees feel about the company's donations: The constant engagement with social organizations is a greater benefit than just donating once at the annual Christmas party.'

Tobias ZumbültCo-Founder | Advalyze

"WeShape takes CSR to a new level with a technically sophisticated solution.
Simple and easy to use, the solution involves your employees into the CSR strategies of your own company and at the same time they become part of an ongoing campaign that creates added value for all parties involved. A truly innovative solution with heart and understanding!"

Pascal TsachouridisPR & Communications | Naturstrom AG

'Attracting and retaining skilled workers has become even more important for us since Corona. The linking of corporate goals with social indicators from WeShape has helped us on many levels and conveyed a deeper purpose.'

Torsten SabelCOO | Customer Alliance

‘In times of global turbo capitalism, tools with CSR characteristics are not just important. They are crucial for a holistic approach to a company’s purpose. In the case of WeShape’s claim it is nothing less than making the world a more humane place. Please more of this!’

Stefan SchellerHR-Influencer |

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