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Emily & Jan im Interview

Our WeShape team is very happy about the cooperation with ROCK YOUR LIFE! Berlin e.V. , an initiative that promotes educational justice and equal opportunities . In an interview with WeShape, the chairpersons Emily Frank and Jan Jacobs introduce the organization to you.

Dear Emily, dear Jan, please introduce your organization to our readers in a few sentences.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! Berlin e.V. is an association that promotes educational justice and equal opportunities. We place university & college students as mentors with pupils who often come from less privileged backgrounds.

Whether as homework support, application coach or simply as an open ear - the support is highly diverse and absolutely individualized to the needs of the mentee. We as an organization guide the mentors and help the mentees to have fun finding their strengths, developing their potential and making a good start to their careers!

How did the idea of your project come about, how did it develop?

ROCK YOUR LIFE ! Berlin is part of a Germany-wide network of volunteer university & college students in over 50 associations, motivated pupils, responsible companies and ROCK YOUR LIFE! Germany as the umbrella organization.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! was founded by university students in 2008. The idea: a 1:1 mentoring program between secondary school students and university students, combined with nationwide cooperation with vocational training providers. From the very beginning, the ROCK YOUR LIFE! team knew that if we were going to do something, we had to do it right, i.e. with high quality standards and a constant flow of improvements, and secondly, we had to do it on a large scale, i.e. throughout Germany and then internationally.

So that's how it all started, initially in the spring of 2009 in Friedrichshafen. But within a year and with more and more awards, very soon in numerous other cities throughout Germany. Meanwhile we are also active in the Netherlands and Spain.

Since June 2010, we've been rocking Berlin and championing equal opportunities with one-to-one mentoring relationships.

What drives you every day, what are you passionate about?

Our focus is on the mentee. We have recognized that for many students, individual support is the key to educational success. We want to make this support available for Berlin's students. Our motivation is supported by a dedicated and highly committed team, which makes the mentoring relationship possible with a lot of team spirit and commitment. We are passionate about equal opportunities from Berlin for Berlin!


If you had to name in 3 key words, in which areas you change the world for the better, what would these three words be?

  • equal opportunities
  • educational justice
  • development of potential

Thank you for these exciting insights. We are happy that we can support you together with the staff! If you want to know more, you can find detailed information here on the website of ROCK YOUR LIFE ! Berlin..