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Sara Penzar im Interview

The organization RheinFlanke offers sports-based youth and educational work with the goal of preparing young people for the professional world, supporting them in their job fitness and placing them in training and work. In the interview, Sara Penzar introduces the work in more detail.
Sara Penzar © RheinFlanke gGmbH

Dear Sara, please introduce your organization to our readers in a few sentences.

RheinFlanke gGmbH is a recognized institution for sports-related youth and educational work at eight locations in the Rhineland and in Berlin with a total of around 100 employees. As a non-profit organization, we place a special focus on children and young people with reduced access to education and training and thus also to social participation. With our innovative combination of sports pedagogical offers and skill-building measures, we help young people develop new perspectives and support them on their way to apprenticeships and employment.

How did the idea of your project come about, how did it develop?

RheinFlanke emerged from a street soccer project in the World Cup year of 2006. The two founders, Christoph Bex and Sebastian Koerber, realized that soccer can do more than just move a ball. Used correctly, sport can have a social impact and serve as a driver for education. After this method proved itself in the Rhineland, they also ventured to the capital in 2015. Since then, we have been active here with various offerings for youths and young adults in the sports, cultural and leisure facility in Hangar1 at the former Tempelhof Airport. There we want to implement our idea of the JobBase and are looking for committed supporters. You can read more about this in our profile.

What drives you every day, what are you passionate about?

Only those who are given a chance can seize it!
We work every day to ensure that all young people who need support, receive it - regardless of their background. Our goal is to improve the future prospects of children and teenagers.

We reach young people where their realities of life take place, mostly in urban hot spots. To achieve this, we have a strong and motivated team of social workers, pedagogues and psychologists with an affinity for sports and a wide range of other skills.

If you had to name in 3 to 4 key words, in which areas you change the world for the better, what would these three words be?

  • Minimizing educational disadvantage and youth unemployment.
  • Creating societal, professional and social participation for young people
    with multiple disadvantages.
  • Sustainable integration of people with a refugee and migration background

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

If you are interested in more information, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!


Thank you for these exciting insights. We are happy that we can support you together with the staff! If you want to know more, you can find detailed information here on the website of RheinFlanke.