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SHARKPROJECT says thank you

16. May 2022
Mit ihren Spenden konnten wir u.a. unser Schulprogramm ausbauen und Kindern in Kindergärten und in Schulen über die wichtige Aufgabe der Haie im Ökosystem Meer aufklären und begeistern.

Thank you for your support

16. May 2022
Unsere kostenlose Rechtsberatung für Gefangene und ihre Angehörigen ist im vollen Gange.

Connecting Young People and Elders in Wisdom Sharing Circles

16. May 2022
It’s time we listen, truly listen, to what all generations have to say.

LiScha says Thank You

2. May 2022
wir erinnern uns noch gut an den spannenden und energiegeladenen ersten Anruf von Steve im Januar 2021. … WeShape, ein neues, innovatives Tool, das Unternehmen und ihre Mitarbeiter mit verschiedenen sozialen Organisationen verbindet, um das Spendenwesen zu fördern und den Spendenprozess in Unternehmen zu demokratisieren. Das ist die Idee.

Philip Siefer (einhorn) about condoms and toxic masculinity

11. April 2022
Im neuesten Laut gedacht Video erzählt Unternehmer und Gründer von der Marke Einhorn von seinen Erkenntnissen durch Coaching und Therapie.

Kopfsalat Work Edition about being sick on the job, stress triggers and home office

8. April 2022
In Kooperation mit LinkedIn sprechen Sara Steinert und Frank Joung mit Expert:innen über verschiedene Themen, die im Job mit psychischen Krankheiten eine Rolle spielen.

Help for refugees with cancer from the Ukraine

8. April 2022
„Wir müssen hier was tun“ so Nataliia Yesyk, die vor rund 14 Tagen aus Kiew geflohen ist und seitdem mit ihrer krebskranken Tochter und ihrem Sohn bei uns im Elternhaus als Flüchtlingsfamilie wohnt.

Bar talk podcast about depression, therapy anxiety and social change

4. April 2022
Nora Tschirner on mental health in society

Kopfsalat - The Freunde fürs Leben Podcast about depression, feelings and all the other salad in your head.

28. March 2022
Between mania and depression: Dr. Astrid Freisen on bipolar disorder and her own experiences with it.

Tribal Wisdom Foundation is recognized as a charitable foundation!

28. March 2022
We are very proud to carry the CBF Keur seal of approval. CBF (Central Bureau for Fundraising) is the largest and most established auditing body for non-profit organizations in the Netherlands.

6. Bericht des Weltklimarats und die Rolle des Regenwaldes

28. March 2022
Der Weltklimarat schlägt Alarm: die Klimaziele wurden verfehlt. Daher ist es wichtig, den letzten größeren zusammenhängenden Rest Regenwald in Paraguay zu schützen. Der Weltklimarat hat die ersten beiden Teile seines 6. Berichtszyklus veröffentlicht. Ohne einschneidende Maßnahmen steigt die Erderwärmung stärker an als erwartet. Bereits 2030 könnten 1,5 Grad erreicht werden. Einen wesentlichen Einfluss auf das Klima haben die Regenwälder zur Bindung von CO2 und für den Wasserhaushalt. Zur Sicherung der Klimaziele ist ein sofortiger Stopp der Entwaldung – nicht erst ab 2030, wie in Glasgow verabredet – notwendig neben der Umstellung auf emissionsfreie Energiegewinnung. In Paraguay wird übrigens die Energie…


28. March 2022
Wie ist es nach 28 Jahren aus dem Gefängnis entlassen zu werden? Wie kann man sich auf eine Welt vorbereiten, die sich während der Abwesenheit grundlegend verändert hat?

Ein „Hallo“ vom Baumschnittkurs

15. March 2022
Trotz turbulentem Wetter im Februar mit Regen, Sturmboen und Sonne, kamen alle zu unseren Baumpflegekurse.

Entdeckerkalender für Grundschulkinder

1. March 2022
We sent all elementary school classes in Berlin and Baden-Württemberg a free discovery calendar. With this large-format wall calendar for the classroom, the children learn month by month what is currently chirping, humming and blooming, and they find tips for crafts, building and DIY month by month.

PRO COSARA assumes the chairmanship of the Paraguayan Committee of the World Conservation Union in 2022 - 2023.

23. February 2022
First, thank you for your great support of Pro Cosara in 2021! Devastating fires had destroyed large parts of the rainforest in 2020, and illegal land squatters have invaded 2021 to continue the deforestation. Paraguay was one of the last countries to sign the deforestation freeze at the COP26 climate conference.

Speaking up for our planet: How we can enable a life worth living for future generations.

23. February 2022
Rhineland-Palatinate woman speaks to Clean River Project in the 10-part YouTube series "FRAU LUFT sagt an!" about her thought on the important issues of our time.

Are we in danger of running out of juice?

22. February 2022
Fewer and fewer people are interested in collecting fruit and delivering it to cideries.

Kopfsalat - The Friends for Life Podcast about depression, feelings and all the other lettuce in your head

13. February 2022
Martin Gommel on hospital stays, Satan and constructive anger.

Apfleschätze Baumschnittkurs

11. February 2022
Steadily demand grew for tree pruning courses. But this year tops everything. All courses are full and our waiting list is long, despite the additional courses offered.

Clean River Kids: A Highlight at school amidst the pandemic

11. February 2022
Education, art and environmental protection — Clean River Project e.V. and the elementary school “St. Stephan” clean up the Moselle river promenade in Oberfell, Rhineland Palatinate.

First cut the tree, then eat!

11. February 2022
Did you know that apple branches can be used to enhance soups wonderfully?

Promoting sustainable land use

3. February 2022
Part of our project work for the conservation of San Rafael is to show alternatives to illegal forest use.

Podcast: Being able to think critically with Philip Ibrahim

31. January 2022
Philip Ibrahim is a host with heart and soul, a bridge builder between the hotel industry, culture, society & politics, board member of DEHOGA Berlin and general and crisis manager at the innovative "The Student Hotel" on Berlin's Alexanderplatz.

The 27th meeting of the ICCAT Commission is over!

29. January 2022
A first milestone for the protection of the endangered shortfin mako shark in the North Atlantic was achieved.

Annual cycle

25. January 2022
Barely 100 years ago, almost everyone was self-sufficient in apples. Everyone harvested summer apples from August/September, autumn apples from October to January and good winter apples sweetened life with vitamins until June.

Artwork handed over to our river sponsor in Düsseldorf

21. January 2022
An icebird as symbol for diligent rivercleaners and a clean Rhine

Recipe: Fermenting acorns

20. January 2022
Fermenting foods was done for centuries already, and it's making a comeback!

Saving rainforest together: Protected area monitoring

19. January 2022
One of the most important protection measures to preserve San Rafael is the park monitoring by our park rangers.

5 tips to improve your critical thinking skills

15. January 2022
Wenn es darum geht, die beste Entscheidung für Dich zu treffen, drehst du dich oftmals im Kreis bis Dir schwindelig wird? Tipps für schwindelfreies Denken gibt's in diesem Video.

Using Twitter against shark fin transport

13. January 2022
"Fly Without Fins" is an international campaign by Shark Guardian and Sharkproject, together with other marine conservation organisations, to convince airlines to stop the transport of fins.

Kopfsalat - The Friends for Life Podcast about depression, feelings and all the other lettuce in your head

11. January 2022
Diana Doko talks about depression stereotypes, fear of contact and the taboo surrounding suicide in the Freunde fürs Leben podcast.

Wisdom Sharing Circles to bring back Ancestral Teachings

10. January 2022
A way to revive Tribal Wisdom at the local level. And WeShape made it happen!

Welcome to the Cordillera San Rafael

8. January 2022
A short video to take you on a journey through our beautiful rainforest.

Give away a beehive

7. January 2022
It is the help-to-self-help project of the first hour! From the very beginning of our LiScha work, it was clear that we would build a project with people that would give them the chance to earn an income and become independent.

Invitation to the tree pruning course

5. January 2022
We are giving away a place on the tree pruning course on 16.1.2022 in Potsdam. Register now!

Education in prison

4. January 2022
What is the importance of education for resocialization and how can educational projects be implemented in the penal system? We were allowed to answer this question within the framework of the Entrepreneurship Summit.

Supporting the start-up of Traditional Healing Center

4. January 2022
Tribal Wisdom crowdfunded €644 to support the !Gù-oadara healing Center. Will you help us to obtain the remaining 377 euros?

We need your help with the citizens' initiative "Stop Finning - Stop the Trade".

3. January 2022
The trade in shark fins in the EU must end immediately! The barbaric practice of finning can only be stopped when regulation makes the trade financially unviable.

New Year's wish

1. January 2022
If I could make a wish, I would wish that every child had a healthy apple every day.

More concentration for you - more future skills for the kids.

30. December 2021
Support children's education projects with every stream.