Berlin, 4 November 2021


With WeShape, companies design their Christmas donations in a modern way: Doing good, involving customers and employees and thus strengthening the brand.


Via the CSR engagement platform "", the donation amount is distributed over a longer period of time and customers and/or employees decide themselves on the share of the donation allocated to them. This leads to a more sustainable impact on the non-profit side as well as to improved (employer) branding.

Christmas is a popular time for companies to make their social activities more visible and to present themselves as a responsible brand both internally and externally through a "press-effective" donation. But the staged photo of the cheque handover, once applauded at the Christmas party, is often forgotten the next morning. Thus, the receiving project or Non Profit Organization receives one-time support, but it does not gain visibility. And the effect on the corporate image is also limited.

With WeShape, companies can distribute the donation amount in the form of credits to selected users - these can be customers as well as employees. They receive their personal access to the donation platform and can distribute their share of the donation to the WeShape partner projects that are closest to their hearts. "We see an exciting effect of the donation when it is distributed monthly over the entire year. Because then the social commitment directly colours the corporate brand," says Tobias Freund, CEO of WeShape. The monthly distribution also means that employees are regularly reminded that the company is making a contribution to society.

Another advantage for companies: WeShape takes care of the entire verification process behind the donation. And the companies receive a single donation receipt for the donation. This means that companies do not have to deal with the bureaucracy involved in donating to multiple projects.



WeShape is a CSR engagement platform for improving corporate giving, aiming to resolve the conflict between economic goals and philanthropy. This is accomplished by making corporate giving a tangible experience for employees and allowing them to actively participate. By simplifying processes, improving visibility and strengthening employee loyalty, companies can increase the impact of their donations.

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