Berlin, 1 September 2021


Attract and retain staff with corporate donations


Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become indispensable for securing skilled employees. References and ratings show the trustworthiness of companies. The CSR engagement platform WeShape, that democratizes corporate donations, is now expanding this field with a so-called CSR widget that has a stronger impact on the emotional level. thus reacts to the growing demands of society for companies to take a larger role, along with their employees, in making a positive impact on society and their environment.

Corporate Giving as a Competitive Advantage

"If transparent data on social commitment is attractively presented, this can be the decisive advantage over competitors, depending on the target group," says founder Tobias Freund, who has many years of experience in review management and ORM from his work at Customer Alliance and Toocan, among others. He further confirms: " Human resources marketing and CSR are not yet perceived as a profitable symbiosis by many companies. A modern and selective enrichment of, for example, job pages and trade fair documents with the social commitment can therefore represent an essential decision criterion for a product or a company."

The CSR engagement platform provides live data on social engagement. The CSR widget enables companies to present the social contribution they make through WeShape: For example, live on the website, in job advertisements or on the monitors in the lobby, in the lift or in the open-plan office.

Benefiting employees, nature and society

In this way, WeShape offers companies a solution to combine their commitment to employees with their contribution to society and the environment. Employees benefit through a sense of purpose and positive news (read more), while corporate giving has a broad social impact externally. At the same time, added value is created for companies through improved (employer) branding.

CSR widget is versatile

Companies can use the search engine-optimised widget in a variety of ways and, for example, include it on the website, in job advertisements or even in the display boards in the cafeteria. The vividly presented live data is taken anonymously from the activities of employees on the WeShape platform. Every "credit" that an employee donates to a charitable organisation via WeShape has a positive effect on the social project, and on the employee, and is displayed in the widget.



How WeShape works

A company decides on any donation budget and a pre-selection of any number of charitable projects, both local and international. The users invited by the company then have the opportunity to distribute their allotted share of the company's donation each month to the projects that are closest to their hearts. The organisations post motivational content about their activities to the supporters via a newsfeed.

Download the press release here: Download as PDF