Berlin, 25. November 2021 offers companies an innovative option for their " Donations instead of Gifts" campaign.


Instead of designing a Christmas card naming the supported organisation, WeShape allows companies to regularly access digital content from charitable projects and even involve customers and other stakeholders in the distribution of the donation.

"Instead of a gift this year, we have decided to donate the amount to the organisation XYZ. Thank you for your many years of trust & Merry Christmas." Especially in the B2B sector, business partners are inundated with such messages. "Donations instead of Gifts" has caught on. This is a good thing, but it can be improved.

Via the CSR engagement platform WeShape, companies can make their donation an interactive experience. And this in two formats:

In the BASE module , companies have access to a diverse pool of vetted non-profit organisations for an easier selection process. At the same time, they can now access the digital content - which the organisations regularly publish via WeShape - to enhance their Christmas communication.

The ENGAGE module goes one step further: companies can invite their business partners to the platform via an individual link. They receive their personal access to the donation platform and can distribute their share of the donation to the WeShape partner projects that are closest to their hearts. The users can now access the platform for a predefined period of time, distribute donations and keep up with the developments and updates of the organisations in the newsfeed.

And all sides benefit even more from the "Donations instead of Gifts" campaign: the company achieves long-term interaction with its business partners, who in turn can personally enjoy the good feeling of giving something. Last but not least, the non-profit organizations benefit: from significantly increased visibility not just during the holidays, but over a longer period of time, and among a larger readership with the chance to gain long-term supporters.

About WeShape

WeShape is a CSR engagement platform for improving corporate giving, aiming to resolve the conflict between economic goals and philanthropy. This is accomplished by making corporate giving a tangible experience for employees and allowing them to actively participate. By simplifying processes, improving visibility and strengthening employee loyalty, companies can increase the impact of their donations. Read more here.

Download the press release here: Download as PDF