Berlin, January 26, 2021


Registration open for nonprofits: New B2B fundraising platform enables broad access to corporate donations

Through the CSR engagement platform, non-profit organizations get free access to corporate donations. Thanks to the innovative approach of involving employees in the donation process and an integrated newsfeed, nonprofits also benefit from increased visibility and direct engagement with supporters.

Nonprofits can sign up for the free use of WeShape via the contact form or by emailing . After a simple onboarding process, organizations benefit from high reach and the ability to build a relationship with their donors.

How WeShape works

WeShape allows companies to actively engage their employees (or customers) in the donation process. The management decides on the donation budget and a pre-selection of a specific number of projects, which are integrated into the company's internal project pool. Then the company’s employees (users) have the freedom to individually distribute, on a monthly basis, their share of the company's donation to projects that are close to their hearts.

NPOs benefit from donor loyalty, high visibility & steady inflow of donations

Unlike traditional corporate donations, when fundraising through WeShape, nonprofits reach the company's employees or customers directly and personally. And not - as is so often the case - merely via a mention at the Christmas party or a brief entry on the intranet.

The non-profit organizations can regularly inform their supporters about news and progress via a newsfeed integrated into the platform and thus build up a close and emotional bond. This way, the projects gain a platform where they can present themselves and their projects.

The regular distribution of donation budgets can also create a more even funding option - depending, of course, on the users' donation behavior.


About WeShape

WeShape is growing fast. Founded in June 2020, WeShape and its team of web developers, UX designers and business developers were already able to win over exciting social projects such as "Skateistan" and "Deutschland summt!" for the idea. Thanks to the corporate added value for image, brand and employer branding, the platform is also already attracting great interest from various companies, including Customer Alliance GmbH and Naturstrom AG. WeShape has apparently struck a nerve. The Berlin-based company is financed by a monthly fee from companies. The amount is based on the number of employees.

More information about WeShape's mission

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