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There's no shortage of tips and how-tos for a more sustainable lifestyle; the internet is (thankfully) full of guides and checklists on avoiding plastic, saving electricity, saving water, and on and on. That's why here we only share with you the tips that we also implement ourselves, that come easily to us or that gave us a little " Aha " moment.

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Rethinking habits

How do you organize your shopping, your way to work, your everyday life? Certainly there are some habits that have developed over the years. Perhaps because there were no alternatives in the past, or because awareness has only grown in recent years. For a more sustainable life, it helps to become aware of these habits. This often leads to very simple ways to make a change. In this article, we' ll be happy to share with you what has helped us. And maybe it will inspire you!

Look at your waste with different eyes

You open your letters and the envelope goes straight into the trash? The coffee grounds end up in the organic waste, old jars go into the bottle bin? It doesn’t have to be this way! Many items that are considered and treated as waste out of habit have potential to be used in other ways. Packaging, bags, jars and cans do not have to be single-use products. Often they are only slightly dirty and can be hygienically cleaned and reused without much work. For example, you can use old jam jars for freezing , coffee grounds give new strength to plants and your hair. And envelopes are a never ending source of scratch paper. At least, I haven't bought a pad in a long time. Before you dispose of things next time, take a moment and consider whether you can give the item a second, a third (or even a fourth 😮!) life.

Get creative

Especially if you want to work on your throwaway habits, it helps to get creative. Don't throw away your pasta and potato water, use it as an alternative to chemical cleaners, as a conditioner for your hair or fertilizer for your plants. Websites like or smarticular.netalso offer a lot of inspiration. And it can not only be practical to use "waste" creatively, but also beautiful! For example, instead of throwing an old magazine into the recycling container, you can use it as a creative individual gift wrapping. Use old tea lights to make beautiful stars as decorations for the next Advent season.

Question your everyday products

Why do you always use liquid soap in plastic packaging? Does it really have to be bottled water or does tap water taste just as good? And can't at least some of your cleaning products be replaced with natural home remedies? We often consume the way we have always done. It's worth taking a closer look - it's good for the environment and often good for your wallet, too!

Be self-critical

First of all, we' d like to say: Clearly, not everyone has the opportunity to change habits, not everywhere there is adequate infrastructure. There are many good reasons for our decisions. But if we are honest with ourselves, we can openly confess: Every now and then, laziness simply prevents us from living more sustainably. And in the process, we also quickly lose sight of the benefits. Therefore, it is an important start to become aware of this, so we might choose the supposedly "more inconvenient" way in the future:

Because, whoever chooses a bike instead of the car for a small shopping trip, protects the environment and is doing good for their health. A visit to the weekly market offers unpackaged, regional vegetables, while at the same time strolling through the market turns shopping into a leisurely excursion in the fresh air. And a stroll through the city center, where you can bundle your errands, not only supports local trade. It also makes for a nice chat here and there and also saves CO2 and packaging waste that would be produced by shipping.

You also have ideas how to break free from old habits? Then leave us a comment, we are always happy to find new ideas!