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A worldwide initiative to slow down the advancing Climate change is the "Climathon". In 145 cities, 56 countries and with over 6,000 supporting partners, this is an exciting event in which everyone can participate.

In about 30 years, 70% of the world's population will live in cities and require the majority of the energy. This poses new challenges to our society and in view of our climate goals we cannot avoid creating and promoting innovation. For this reason, we are happy to share with you today an exciting event tip where everyone can help: As participant:in, expert:in or coach.

The German branch is organized by the Impact Hub Berlin.. Due to Corona is of course only virtual, which makes it even easier to participate from anywhere.

A recommendable event to positively shape the future. More information can be found here. The Impact Hub is organized worldwide. You can explore the global event on the Climathon website . Have fun!