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Here we answer common questions about our CSR engagement platform WeShape. Don't hesitate to contact us if there is something you are not sure about. Or are you already convinced? Then join us and register your company or non-profit organization.


A company decides on a donation budget and a pre-selection of any number of charitable projects/Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), lokal wie international. Die vom Unternehmen eingeladenen Nutzer:innen haben dann individuell die Möglichkeit, ihren zugewiesenen Anteil an der Unternehmensspende monatlich an die Projekte zu vergeben, die ihnen persönlich am meisten am Herzen liegen. Daraufhin senden die Organisationen motivierende Inhalte zu ihren Aktivitäten über einen Newsfeed an die Unterstützer:innen zurück. is a platform that enables companies to democratize their corporate giving by allowing employees or customers to interactively decide how to allocate the company’s donation budget and digitally experience the positive impact they are making.

This decision is made by the companies. Via an invitation link, they provide future users with access to the platform. These are usually the employees, but can also be partners or the company’s customers.

So far this is not possible. However, we are currently developing a solution that will allow you to create an account privately, e.g. to invite friends or family for Christmas. Be patient a little longer 😉 is financed by a user fee for each registered user. The donation remains 100% unaffected and is paid separately to the Charity Network International (CNI). CNI then forwards each donation to the Non-Profit Organizations.

Charity Network International (CNI) is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany. It is committed to helping a wide variety of social organizations receive more support. CNI was initiated by the founders of WeShape to distribute donations transparently and without deductions to non-profitorganizations. The most important tasks are the correct disbursement of the donations, transparent reporting and audits of Non-Profit Organizations in’s portfolio. For more information on CNI, including its relevant documentation as an officially recognized Non-Profit Organization, please visit

For companies

Yes, and even multiple times! The projects to which donations can be made operate in a wide variety of areas relevant to the SDGs. In this way, companies that create their project pool can align the selection with the sustainability goals that are important to their corporate culture. At the end of the donation period, our reporting can be used to create an overview of which projects have been supported with their respective SDGs and in what proportion.

Interested in using WeShape for your company and democratizing, digitizing and bringing CSR activities to life? Then contact usfor more information. In just a few steps and without much effort, we can get started.

After successful registration, your company first selects the projects/NPOs from our project pool that best fit the company values or SDG goals. After a short setup on our part and the confirmation of receipt of donation by Charity Network International (CNI), you can invite your employees, partners or customers to the platform. After that, a portion of the donation budget will be automatically credited every month in the form of "credits".

To ensure that the donation has a relevant "impact", we recommend aligning the size of the project portfolio with the size of the donation budget.

We will send you an overview of all the non-profit organizationsyou can support through WeShape. In the overview, we list the area of activity, and the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Criteria which are met by each of the NPOs. You can also get a first insight on our projects page. Just choose your favorite projects and communicate them to us.

We are constantly adding more organizations to the WeShape platform. So if your project or organization is not represented, feel free to reach out to us and we'll do our best to add it. Contact us!

Your donation budget is automatically distributed evenly over the desired subscription period and divided by the number of registered users. All users receive exactly the same share of the company donation each month. This share can then be donated in just a few clicks. Afterwards, users regularly receive news and updates about the projects in their individual newsfeed.

The introduction of our own unit brings many possibilities and advantages: The donation process becomes more playful, currency fluctuations can be better compensated and we can represent even micro aids (such as 1 liter of water). The conversion factor for the credits is 1 to 70. So 1 Euro equals 70 credits.

That way, we also make it easier to support several organizations at the same time, even with a somewhat smaller donation budget.

There is no obligation for the users to donate during the whole agreed subscription duration of use. Everyone can distribute the budget when he or she has time and feels like it. In addition, our "Credit Management" feature helps to meet the users' distribution wishes automatically and yet regularly. Through the interaction the users experience the motivation of "doing good" but also the projects benefit from steady funding.

Donations that have not been distributed by the end of the agreed donation period (e.g. 12 months) will be distributed to the charitable organizations according to the percentages of donations distributed by the other users.

First of all, it is important that the employees know what WeShape is and and how it works. For this purpose, we are happy to provide templates for the invitation. After successful registration, the users will receive all further information. But: The WeShape platform is intuitive and easy to use, so there should be no question marks.

Of course, we realize that even positive things sometimes get forgotten. Therefore, we recommend that the reference to WeShape be firmly integrated into internal communication. For example, via a reference in the monthly newsletter or a fixed button on the intranet. We would be happy to advise you individually and support you with the first steps. Simply contact us:

WeShape enables much more than what was traditionally possible with a simple donation. The platform is designed to strengthen the emotional bond with employees or customers. The built-in newsfeed with updates from the non-profit organizations creates a positive impact on the well-being of the users.

Moreover, we have built in features to communicate the engagement to the public and contribute to a positive image: users have the possibility to share their engagement via their social media channels. In addition, we offer widgets and landing pages for the company's website, which can be used internally and externally to attractively display which projects are supported, and how much social impact has been therefore created - in real time and optimized for search engines.

The license fee therefore covers the use of an integrated CSR and (employer) branding platform, which creates added value that was previously not possible in this form through corporate donations.

The license fee only applies to those users who actually register. In other words, for the actual use of our CSR engagement platform.

For Users

WeShape is a platform for companies. As soon as your company is registered for WeShape, you as an employee will receive your personal access to the platform. So far, registration for individuals is not possible. You like our concept and want to recommend WeShape to your superiors? Then click here..

No. The donating company only receives reports from us that do not contain any conclusions about individuals. No one else can see which projects you have distributed credits to, or what information you have stored in your profile.

First of all: Everything you answer will only be used anonymously. We see this as an untapped opportunity to collect studies that will allow us to use donations even more efficiently. For example, it is also important for charitable projects to know which target groups are committed to which topics.

Once you have supported a project with your donation, you will receive regular updates from the organization in your newsfeed. Here, the organizations report about their work and what you made possible with your donation.

With the introduction of a separate unit, we want to make the impact of your donation more tangible for you, because this makes it easier to show even a small amount of help later in the reporting, for example the purchase of a bottle of water. In this way, we also make it easier to support several organizations at the same time, even with a somewhat smaller donation budget. The conversion factor for the credits is 1 to 70, so 1 Euro equals 70 credits.

No problem, you can donate your budget of credits over the whole subscription period. So if your company spreads the donation budget over e.g. 12 months, you can donate at any point during the year. Keep in mind, however, that it naturally benefits the non-profit organizations if you donate regularly, because planning uncertainty is a major issue for projects that rely on donations.

So far this is not possible. However, we are currently developing a solution that will allow you to create an account privately, e.g. to invite friends or family for Christmas. Be patient a little longer 😉

WeShape is aimed at companies and their employees or customers, so it is not possible to invite personal friends to WeShape. But tell your friends about WeShape, maybe they will encourage their managers to sign up their company for WeShape.We are also currently working on a solution to use WeShape privately .

Just click on "Forgot your password" in the login screen and enter the email address with which you previously registered. You will then automatically receive an email with a link that you can use to reset your password. Since our system sends these mails automatically, be sure to check your spam folder as well.

At the start of each donation period, your company can pre-select a certain number of projects and non-profit organizations that are a particularly good fit for you and your company. If you miss a particular project, feel free to send us your feedback to and we'll see if we can add it.

For non-profit organizations

With WeShape your (officially recognized) non-profit organization can generate donations. We give your organization the opportunity to reach out to large corporations as supporters. At the same time, unlike traditional corporate donations, you get visibility to the entire staff of the company and can build an emotional connection through the built-in newsfeed.

Because we use our related non-profit organization CNI - Charity Network International - to collect and distribute the donations, there is no sponsoring relationship created between the donor corporation and your non-profit organization. So you get access to new donations, increased visibility, and the possibility of a regular inflow of donations for more planning security.

To list your organization on WeShape, simply send us a short initial email to or via the form on this page: Projects. We will then send you the cooperation agreement. Once signed, all that remains is to fill out the short setup questionnaire, providing the information that will allow us to create your profile and run a first small welcome campaign for our community.

After that you will be officially listed and we will inform you as soon as a company has chosen you into their pool. From then on, it is important that you send regular updates (at least once a month) about your work, so that your supporters know what impact their donation has.

We try to make the communication with your supporters as easy as possible and have created a handbook for this purpose. But it is important: We and the users do not expect regular novels. The newsfeed is designed in social media style and should be fed like that: For example, send us an image in "Instagram style" with a short animating text, that's already enough.

Sure, we're still in the early stages with WeShape, so we can't give you any projections on potential donations. What we do know: Companies and their employees would like to do more good, and corporate giving is becoming more important than ever. On this site you will find a very detailed description of a survey from 2018 (sorry, German only).

To adjust your effort to the benefit, we give your organization regular feedback about the generated donation volume, so you can, for example, flexibly adjust the number of news to the volume.

In order to list your organization on WeShape, you must be recognized as a non-profit and be authorized to issue donation receipts.

The use of WeShape is completely free for non-profit organizations.

No, all donations given by users to the projects are given 100% to the organizations without any deductions. is financed by a license fee from companiesfor using the CSR engagement platform.

Unfortunately, we can't give a forecast of how long it will take for you to generate donations through WeShape. First, a company selects its preferred projects into a pool, then the users distribute fully individually to which of these projects they would like to donate. So a lot depends on an attractive presentation of your project. In our profile setup questionnaire, we have provided you with some guidance on how to make your profile text informative and appealing.

For a good balance between stability in planning and bureaucracy, we recommend a quarterly disbursement of the donation by CNI. If this does not suit your processes, we can also find an individual solution here.

Yes, we require a donation receipt after each transfer of a donation, so this is depending on the agreed disbursement rhythm.

You can stop using WeShape at any time. However, it helps to keep in mind that there is no more work for you after setup as long as no one has donated to you. We would also be happy to take a look at your profile again together and advise you (for free) on its appearance.

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