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Asana report on the changing world of work

Complex coordination processes, a large share of coordination tasks, too many meetings and yet too little clarity when it comes to the distribution of tasks. These are just a few of the challenges that lead to overtime and stress for more and more employees, especially due to the - not only corona-related - home office.

The result is far too often burnout. The body pulls the emergency brake. Impostor syndrome, the feeling that one's own work is not good enough, is also becoming more prevalent during the pandemic.

Asana comes to these conclusions in the new "Report on the Anatomy of Work 2021" and also provides insights in the findings on how companies plan to tackle these challenges. This includes, for example, the clear definition of responsibilities and improved processes. This may not sound new, but with a view to more flexible work locations and hours, it is worth reprioritizing these tasks and adapting them to the changed requirements .

Interesting also with regard to our article "Donations against Burnout", in which we look at how companies can take advantage of the fact that generosity makes people happy in order to increase the well-being of their employees. This will not reduce the workload, but incorporating positive and motivating content into the daily work routine will give new motivation and energy.

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