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How companies meet the challenges of the future through purpose

HR departments are in a state of transformation. Tasks and expectations are changing even faster due to the pandemic. There is a clear trend towards home office, the need for more flexibility and the demand of employees (and customers) for the company to take responsibility even beyond the core business.

Home office is here to stay

Of course, many employees look forward to going back to the office. But a wide variety of studies show that we will be saying goodbye to the "classic office" more and more. The benefits are becoming very apparent, and not just for employees. Employers, too, are realizing that the flexibility granted also increases employee satisfaction.

How do I motivate employees in the home office?

while constantly improving the employee experience over distance. Gartner's recent study defining the "Top 5 HR Trends and Priorities for 2021" suggests a combination of different measures. Among them:

  • Adapting strategies to ensure employee mental health. Reading tip: WWR has compiled great tips on mental health in the home office.
  • Reviewing goals in light of the new situation
  • Renew reward or compensation program to hybrid models to ensure equity
  • Implement appropriate communication and collaboration tools to foster collaboration and team spirit

How do we ensure team spirit in the home office?

Fostering team spirit in particular seems to become a challenge in the home office. But this is where new tools and methods need to be examined; technical solutions will continue to grow in the coming years. And as Tom Haak sums it up in his Trend Report 2021 : "In the meantime for detachment prevention, it helps (ref . Global Workforce Study) to focus on some of the traditional measures: make sure people are part of a team, and that they have a team leader they can trust."

The simple things are often a good foundation: make sure your employees connect digitally on a regular basis, and assign them shared tasks, for example. Also, be a good role model who can be trusted.

Creating meaning to strengthen employee motivation

An important component of employee motivation - not only at a distance - is to constantly emphasize the purpose of the tasks. As the Academy to Innovate HR article describes, "Purpose-driven companies" define their strategy along their values. It's about taking social responsibility, both internally and externally.

Managers should therefore not only communicate the purpose authentically, but also live it. It is important to align decisions comprehensibly with the defined values and the identified purpose. When employees recognize the purpose of their company and live it, motivation also increases. This in turn leads to higher productivity. Which, in the case of these companies, contributes to a positive change in our society.

Strengthening the purpose with

We have made it our mission to provide companies with a tool for taking on social responsibility and generating economic added value in the process. So that no company has to ask itself whether it can actually afford purpose. With WeShape, employees can be actively involved in the process of corporate donations This participation strengthens trust and creates additional meaning in daily work

Participation in the so-called "impact" of a company strengthens the sense of belonging and thus the team spirit. The feeling of making a positive contribution with the daily work boosts motivation and thus also the level of performance, not only among the younger generations. No matter whether in the home office or in the office.

We would be happy to show you what's behind it. Make an appointment for a demo here.