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Employee loyalty through fair conditions, participation and purpose

Just as consumers base their purchasing decisions on the sustainability of a brand, (potential) employees are also looking for companies that take responsibility. Not only for their employees, but also for the environment and society.

Corporate Social Responsibility can no longer be handled by a single department. Rather, CSR has become an overarching task that has the greatest effect when the strategy involves the various corporate divisions.

Let's look at CSR & Employer Branding today

Companies that treat their employees fairly and socially will be able to retain these employees longer.

If the company simultaneously anchors social responsibility in its strategy and the employees identify with these values, this has a positive influence on employee satisfaction and motivation.

This can be further improved by actively involving employees and promoting participation in various areas of the company. Cost-intensive fluctuation can thus be counteracted through a sense of purpose, co-determination and fair working conditions.

Recruiting through socially committed employer branding

It is not only the brand itself that benefits from authentic communication. The image of a great employer is also formed. Companies that are socially engaged also secure the skilled staff of the future.

How can WeShape help?

Through the novel approach of actively involving employees (and customers) in the donation process, we give companies a tool with which they can reconcile sustainable action with economic efficiency . Especially in times of decentralised workplaces, the democratisation of corporate donations ensures participation and thus improved employee loyalty and positive (employer) branding. At the same time, we relieve companies of the administrative burden of project search, donation allocation and documentation and ensure a complete solution with only one donation receipt, regardless of the number of donations or projects in a calendar year.

We would be happy to show you what's behind it. Make an appointment for a demo here.