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How you can ensure maximum satisfaction of your employees with a flexible benefits offer.

A contribution from become.1

"Do you want to score points with your employees? Then employee benefits are definitely the right thing to do!"

Wrong! It's not always that simple.

Employee benefits are supposed to offer all employees a uniform added value, but is that even possible nowadays? One thing is clear: it is precisely the increasingly divergent interests that pose a challenge. It is often not enough to provide employees with a random selection of offers and hope that they are satisfied with them.

We explain what employee benefits are and why a flexible offer is so important.

What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits are offers for employees that are often used instead of a salary increase. Whether it's a meal allowance, sports courses, health-promoting offers, allowances for mobility, childcare or the promotion of social projects through donations: The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Offering employee benefits is often part of "employer branding". The aim is to present the company as attractively as possible to the outside world, especially to potential new employees.

However, the primary goal of employee benefits is to offer employees added value, which can increase their motivation and, above all, their satisfaction.

Where is the big advantage for employers?

Advantages of employee benefits for employees, such as net wage optimisation through tax benefits, are usually clear, but on the other hand, employer benefits do not always seem to be obvious at first glance. So why is it worthwhile for employers to invest in employee benefits?

Employers benefit from employee benefits mainly through happier and more motivated employees. Thus, first and foremost, the corporate culture and productivity can be increased.

In addition, offering employee benefits can lead to an increase in employee loyalty to the company. Not only are loyal employees important for a successful company, but their satisfaction also conveys a good image to the outside world, which automatically leads to a more positive perception and a higher attractiveness of the company as an employer.

Last but not least, employee benefits are tax-privileged and free of social security contributions. Depending on the amount of the benefit budget, several hundred to one thousand euros can be saved per employee in wage costs per year compared to a salary increase. Thus, an investment in such an offer is also clearly worthwhile financially.

So one thing is clear: anyone who thinks that employee benefits are only beneficial for employees is mistaken. But what kind of offer should I best fall back on?

The become.1 platform

There are now countless providers of employee benefits on the market. Accordingly, it is not always easy to decide on the right offer.

As already mentioned, it is important to meet the interests of the employees above all. After all, they are the ones who should benefit from the added value offered. Of course, this can best be achieved if there is an offer that is individually tailored to your company and can be flexibly applied according to your own interests.

In this context, we would like to introduce you to the become.1 platform : The clear focus here is on minimising the administrative burden for employers with the greatest possible flexibility for employees. The platform can be completely customised to the needs of the workforce. As an employer, you decide how much budget per head should be made available and the employees decide from a wide range of options, such as subsidised lunch, mobility or CSR, what the budget should be used for.


No matter which offer you choose, employee benefits are a modern way to show appreciation and do something good for your employees.

One thing is clear: whether you are a start-up, a medium-sized company or a large enterprise, the most important asset of any company is motivated and satisfied employees. Employee benefits can help to realise the greatest possible potential and contribute to a successful future - so employee benefits are definitely worth investing in.

About the authors

David Wambsganss (tech sales background at Salesforce, among others) and Friedrich Villhauer (tax focus at PWC, among others) are the founders of become.1 GmbH. They want to ensure that every company, regardless of its size, has the same opportunities to promote their employees and make them happy. In some cases, the willingness of companies to do this still needs to be awakened, although the knowledge of the direct correlation between valued employees and company success has existed for over 80 years. In order to activate this willingness, the become.1 team works daily to raise awareness of flexible remuneration models and the savings potential of attractive benefits.