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Employee bonus for mental health

Those who donate or help others, gain added value for their own well-being. It makes us happyto contribute to a society and to support others. Both in terms of volunteering and in terms of donatingCompanies have also discovered this motivational factor for themselves in order to promote the mental health of employees.

Background - Workplace mental health

According to the preliminary evaluation of the TK Health Report 2021, mental illnesses are responsible for around 20% of sick days among employees in Germany. The results also show an increase in occurrences of mental illness in recent years, but this can also be attributed to an increased awareness of the issue. Dealing with mental health is more open than it was a few years ago, so the increase may be "only" in reported cases.

Promoting workplace mental health

But whether the increase is in actual numbers or merely in reported ones, the fact remains that one in five illness-related absences from work is attributable to mental health issues. So what can companies do to counteract this?

The "Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit" (INQA) developed guides for managers, but also for employees, to better manage stress (links can be found at the end of the article). The first describes the topic of purpose as an important pillar. In other words, a meaningful everyday life promotes well-being.

Purpose for more well-being

Companies therefore have a vested interest in listening more closely to the needs of their employees. In addition to clear structures, regular feedback rounds and open communication, it is important to take a look at the company culture. Are the company's goals still based purely on profits or are social aspects such as employee satisfaction, diversity and mental health already anchored in the values?

Companies must be aware of their purpose , and the shift toward a responsible economy is changing this purpose from purely monetary goals to social, societal and sustainable ones. Both within the company as well as directed outward.

Employee bonus for mental health

Lived purpose in the sense of social togetherness starts from the very inside and extends to the corporate citizenshipactivities of a company. Employees can actively do good themselves by volunteering during normal working hours or by being involved in the distribution of corporate donations. The Purpose is made tangible.

Some of the profits that they generate for the company can be returned to society by the employees themselves. As part of their work, they are given the opportunity to get involved with projects that are close to their hearts. By volunteering or donating, they support the organizations and can draw new strength from the passion with which they pursue their important work. An employee bonus for mental health.

WeShape as a tool for creating meaning

We developed WeShape to give companies a tool to provide the aforementioned mental bonus for employees. Through our platform, employees get access to exciting non-profit organizations. The donation budget is distributed on a monthly basis, so that the impact is spread over the entire year. We've compiled more on the benefits of WeShape here..

We would be happy to show you what's behind it. Make an appointment for a demo here.

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