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Economic success through democratic CSR

A Qualtrics study shows that corporate responsibility has a positive impact on employee satisfaction. Employees in Germany were surveyed on the company's response to Covid-19 and the effectiveness of CSR activities.

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CSR & employee motivation

64% of the respondents believe their company should invest in CSR activities and/or charitable initiatives. In addition, 57% respond that they would be more engaged in their work if the company did so. The results clearly show that corporate responsibility is close to employees' hearts. So, companies that focus on employee satisfaction benefit from putting CSR in the spotlight.

Democratization of CSR

The study also shows that CSR should not be a "backroom affair". 54% of the respondents consider it important to be asked for their opinion regarding CSR activities. However, only 25% say they were actually involved before CSR initiatives were launched.

Employee engagement and democratization

When employees are involved in CSR activities, it promotes the pride that employees feel for the company. In the Qualtrics study, 84% of those who were involved answered that they are proud of their company's image in society. In contrast, only 47% of respondents who were not involved confirmed this.

Demanded CSR activities

When asked which fields should be addressed by CSR activities, the following initiatives were prioritized by employees as the TOP 5:

  1. Improvement of the working environment
  2. socially and environmentally responsible investments
  3. reducing the carbon footprint
  4. charitable donations
  5. environmentally friendly company policy

Conclusion: Success through CSR as a team task

If we look at the results of the study - together with the increasing challenge of ensuring workplace mental health - it is clear that CSR can bring about positive change in all areas:

When companies allow their employees to participate in CSR activities, this strengthens employee experience and emotional connection. At the same time, companies can create a positive working environment with initiatives to promote mental health. If in addition, employees are given the opportunity to actively engage with society, a priceless motivational factor is created: pride and satisfaction.

WeShape for CSR engagement

WeShape offers companies a tool to democratize CSR activitiesin an uncomplicated way in order to increase employee satisfaction, to carry a positive image internally and externally and to leave a strong impact on society. With WeShape, the decision to make a corporate donation is delegated to employees, who in turn receive regular positive news from the charitable organizations. Creating meaning at all levels. More on the benefits of WeShape.