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This is how the company donation
becomes a win-win-win project

After Circular Monday, Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day, today is another reason to celebrate: It is the worldwide day of giving, #GivingTuesday. One of our personal favorite days. Because giving something back to the community is not only responsible, but also fun. And it can be really worthwhile for companies! With, we want to not only simplify the management of corporate donations , but also increase the added value for the company.

Corporate donations as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Companies' Social Responsibility strategies are usually based on holistic strategies. These strategies can be a statement of values, a focus on sustainability in production, interaction with employees, or engaging in socially responsible behavior towards the environment and in their communities.

The latter, a company's social engagement, can be done either by giving employees time off for corporate volunteering (Vostel offers a great summary), or through corporate donations. The classic method, especially around the holidays.

Democratizing CSR - What is CSR engagement?

Have you ever experienced a fast approaching December and still no decision on your company's annual donation? In smaller companies, committed employees push masses of emails back and forth with the aim of finding the "right" project. In larger companies, this is done by the HR or CSR department, or even the management.

The first example actually hits the nail on the head: CSR-engagement. Involving employees in corporate giving. But the example above does not really accomplish it in the best possible way.Employees are allowed to have a say, but after the fourth email at the latest, the commitment and the fun decreases. And if the donation goes to a project that you would rather not have supported yourself, the motivation is gone.

Innovative donation management

Modern and efficient donation management as part of CSR activities, on the other hand, can look like this: Employees (and optionally also customers) can use their smartphones or PCs to decide with just a few clicks and without discussion which project or projects they would like to use their donations for.

The management simply sets the donation budget and can pre-select a pool of social projects that also matches the corporate values. Employees can then decide individually on the budget transferred to them. All employees donate (over the course of the year) to exactly those projects that are closest to their hearts.

Advantages of CSR commitment

The advantages of democratizing a donation are numerous. Primarily, it creates a win-win-win for companies, employees and NGOs.

Advantages for companies

Companies can increase their social engagement in a simple and time-saving way and involve both employees and customers in the donation process. This strengthens the emotional bond between the company and its employees. In addition, the participation increases the satisfaction of the employees, which has a positive effect on the retention of skilled workers and also the productivity (see in addition also the study of Kienbaum and human unlimited).

Another aspect is positive branding. Employees who can support their favourite projects out of their own motivation, also tend to talk more about this commitment. The company donation therefore simultaneously creates a positive external effect, both in the general public and with regard to successful employer branding.

Advantages for employees

Employees gain purpose in their everyday work through active participation. The fact that their commitment to the company also makes social commitment possible is now much more tangible. The purpose that so many people are looking for is now also evident in their own everyday work outside of social and non-profit sectors.

Advantages for social projects

Non-profit organizations receive not only corporate donations but also greater visibility. Not only the executive floor is now concerned with the NGOs, but the entire staff. And when the entire company is sharing their engagement (for example on social media), the effect is even stronger.

If the company also enables the employees to distribute the donation budget throughout the year, for example monthly or quarterly, then the NGOs receive consistent and repeated engagement, as well as a regular flow of donations, which can be used to cover costs in a more predictable way.

Ready for your win-win-win project?

We think these advantages speak for themselves. By transferring the donation budget to the employees, CSR activities become more effective and thus more economical. It is more worthwhile than ever for companies to do good. So, take advantage of GivingTuesday and lay the foundation for your personal win-win-win project.

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