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Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship is a CSR engagement platformthat enables companies to optimize their corporate donations But what is actually behind the term CSR and how does it differ from corporate citizenship?

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, the social responsibility of companies. This involves companies voluntarily taking responsibility for their environment. This includes social and economic aspects as well as environmental concerns (see also In order to differentiate CSR from the term Corporate Citizenship, it is important to understand that CSR activities involve measures relating to actual business activities.

In concrete terms, this means that a company should, for example, deal justly with its employees and take social aspects into account in its personnel management. Likewise, successful and far-sighted business operations should be carried out and value should be placed on treating business partners fairly. The ecological pillar relates to the responsible use of resources and the implementation of more sustainable production and business practices.

In recent years, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become established as guidelines for CSR activities. These are global sustainability goals of the United Nations to which a company can align its CSR activities.

What is Corporate Citizenship?

Corporate Citizenship (CC) describes the social commitment of companies that goes beyond their own field of business. In other words, these are measures that do not necessarily have anything to do with a company's own business activities. Literally, corporate citizenship can also be described as the actions of a company, as a "good citizen".

Examples of Corporate Citizenship are corporate giving (corporate donations), sponsoring and corporate volunteering (volunteering during working hours).

CSR vs. Corporate Citizenship

There is still no real agreement on the sharp distinction between CSR and Corporate Citizenship (CC). Often, the latter is seen as part of a CSR strategy, while other definitions draw a clear distinction between CSR and CC, where CSR optimizes a company's own business activities and CC describes the voluntary - often financial - engagement of companies that extends beyond the business field. Still others see the term "corporate responsibility" as an overall term that covers the areas of CSR, Corporate Citizenship and corporate governance (see more here in German).

WeShape and the CSR concept

If we look at the definitions explained above, the WeShape platform builds the bridge between CSR and Corporate Citizenship. The CSR engagement platform promotes the engagement of employees, creates more purpose in the job as well as a basis for transparent corporate communication and optimizes internal processes, for example in the area of donation management.

At the same time, we support companies in their commitment to Corporate Citizenship by providing a tool that facilitates corporate donations and at the same time generates added value for the company.

The bottom line

CSR, Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Responsibility, or Corporate Governance after all? Whatever! We believe it's all about doing good. No matter what you call it, we want to help companies make CSR activities an integral part of their strategy and enable them to strengthen their commitment to society. The core of the matter (whether CSR or CC) is to act justly, sustainably and socially. And that's where WeShape can help.

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