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Our guest article on

On the blog of (German only, sorry!) we dealt with the question of how entrepreneurs can redesign their CSR management to make it fit for the future. Only those who keep pace with the changes in society - toward more purposefulness and more corporate responsibility - will be able to hold their own in the market.

Customers are increasingly choosing brands with which they have built up trust and an emotional bond. Employees are looking for engagement and purposeful jobs. This is an opportunity for companies to approach CSR management in a new way.

In the article , you will learn how commercial interests and social responsibility can be reconciled.

In the article, we also address the question of whether CSR can deliver added value at all, and demonstrate ways in which CSR commitment can be made more sustainable. In demonstrating more sustainable CSR Commitment, new possibilities for successful employer branding, increased employee satisfaction. and greater competitiveness can be gained through corporate social responsibility.

WeShape & CSR Management supports companies through innovative donation management. By using our CSR engagement platform, the donation process is democratized and employees can actively participate. Consequently, companies benefit from employer branding and an authentic public image,employees from more purpose and participation, and non-profit organizations from more visibility and a consistent stream of donations..

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