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Thanks to a donation that we received from your credits, we were able to cover costs for this Wisdom Sharing circle. You might wonder, what can one day with a group of people around a fire truly accomplish? Well, these gatherings are carefully planned, in a safe and welcoming space and the attendees are carefully selected for the role they are playing in the transmission of Ancestral knowledge.

We listen to the Elders, the Wisdom Keepers, as they explain their teachings and how they got this knowledge.

Then, on another day, we turn to the Young people who form their circle and ask them what kind of knowledge they wish to receive and how they wish to receive it. And it is no surprise that several different responses came out: 1on1, for longer periods of many teachings, in larger gatherings where many different Wisdom Keepers share their teachings and also, in these types of, more intimate, sharing circles.

Our next Elder & Youth Sharing Circle is happening in Spain in early 2022.

These are organised upon invitation, so if you feel one of the keys to finding our truth in these turbulent times is to do with Indigenous Knowledge, this could be something for you too!


Help to finance a Wisdom Holder circle

The circles are budgeted at 21.000 Credits, which pays for the location (including wood, cleaning, etc) and the food. All the hours that go into the organisation is on a voluntary basis. For Wisdom Keepers, we hope to be able to cover their travel cost in the future. We have been invited to launch Wisdom Holder Circles in Spain, Italy and France.

Every credit helps, thank you for your support!