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Once a year, around 11.11 (Nov 11th) the Tribal Wisdom Foundation sponsors an active project, asking for a small or other symbolic donation. This year we send donations to the ǂNū-khoë Peoples (also referred to as Damaran) to help pay for building materials for a traditional healing center.

Spearheading this initiative is Visolela Rosa Namises who speaks to us via video call about this dream, which has sprouted and grown substantially over the past years, as has the fully organic, zero waste, vegetable garden which was started in 2017 and fully sustains the community.

When the land in the heart of the Otjozondjupa region was made available for a community to build on, they first focused on food security. Now they are ready to start building a center where Grandmother Visolela and other Elders will reintroduce ancestral knowledge and the traditional values of life to the young people, to improve health, build strength and resistance.

There is still time to bring gifts of what we can share, and part of your credits will be going straight to Namibia, where drought and Covid have caused for even more violence and mental instability. This is what the Healing Center addresses, through traditional, indigenous teachings and giving people a place to recover and heal.

Will you help us to obtain the remaining 377 euros, or 26.000 Credits?

Namibia Healing Center - Tribal Wisdom

Image: Visolela Rosa Namises (second from left) and community by vegetable garden