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Thanks to the encouragement of our readers and Elders, the Tribal Wisdom foundation kicked-off a series of Wisdom Holder circles. Our aim is to spark, not only the conversation, but also the awareness and action, for young people to reconnect to their roots.

Have you ever sat with an Indigenous Wisdom Keeper, listening to their story of how they received their values and rituals, how they became so grounded and so connected to the natural and spiritual world? During our circle, we heard from an Aboriginal Elder that he grew up with 18 Elders, which he calls his (great) Grandmothers and Grandfathers, all teaching him the ancient traditions and indigenous values.
Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who has a grandparent or other family member who can tell you stories and teach you practices which were passed on to from previous generations. Most of us, here in Europe especially, have not had this privilege. Yet, there are many teachings and there is a lot of ancient wisdom in these parts of the world as well.

This month we brought 16 Wisdom Holders together; some from the Pacific, some with ancestral roots in Suriname and Indonesia and most from various parts of The Netherlands and we invited four youth representatives, and our young Tribal Wisdom team members. We stood together in a ceremonial opening, around the fire, where some Elders spoke in their own, old languages: Neder-Saksen, Fresian and other native tongues. We shared meals and found connection in what drives these people to bring their knowledge to the next generation and we heard them speak about this question in smaller sharing circles. By creating a safe and slowed-down environment, we were able to get into a deeper level of connection. This had a profound effect on the youth who were there.
In the next circle it will be their turn to speak. After listening to the Elders they may have new questions. And the question we, as Tribal Wisdom team pose to them is: how would you like to receive these teachings from Wisdom Keepers in The Netherlands?

Perhaps we can extend this question to you here at WeShape.World:
What do you need to re-root in your indigenousness?

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Help to finance a Wisdom Holder circle

The circles are budgeted at 21.000 Credits, which pays for the location (including wood, cleaning, etc) and the food. All the hours that go into the organisation is on a voluntary basis. For Wisdom Keepers, we hope to be able to cover their travel cost in the future. We have been invited to launch Wisdom Holder Circles in Spain, Italy and France.

Every credit helps, thank you for your support!