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"Life is a miracle.”

You might have heard of the Sundance in Native American cultures, but in Europe, we also have long standing traditions similar to those all over the world, where dancing, chanting, fasting and showing courage mark the transitional passage from boys to men.

Join us in listening to Hungarian Wisdom Keeper Zoltán Sólyomfi-Nagy about reviving Solstice Traditions such as the Hungarian Sundance.

With your support, the Tribal Wisdom foundation can continue to bring these stories to a wider audience through sharing circles and podcasts like the one, which was recorded while in preparation for the Summer Solstice.

Zoltán Sólyomfi-Nagy is a teacher, ethnographer, cultural anthropologist, poet, composer, old singer, drummer and rattle maker. He is the founder of the TENGRI Community, which is a community of people who want to get to know, preserve, practice and pass on the original Hungarian spirit and worldview. >> <<

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