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Self Reliance and Sustainable Development: Where No one is Left Behind.

The situation in India, especially for the lower castes and Indigenous Peoples is dire, that’s no news. However, when a group of villages band together to create a cooperative which revives indigenous, regenerative farming practices, it’s a sign of resilience and positive action.

This is why the Tribal Wisdom foundation decided to back-up this project, initiated by two young Adivasi from the state of Chhattisgar. They have already organised dozens of farmer villages to bring together their produce and sell to markets as a collective. The one thing hindering them from success now is transport. In their path towards self-sustainability the crowdfunding is therefore set-up to fund a truck. Our foundation has sourced EUR 2000 in previous funding rounds and supports this effort.

This is a chance to make a little money go a long way. Even if the target is not met, every euro is a sign of encouragement to the hundreds of farmers who are going back to their traditional ways and stepping away from hybrid seeds and monocrops. For the remaining funds needed for the truck, they are securing a loan, so they can continue with their initiatives before the next harvest. It is a good testament to them not waiting for handouts, but taking the initiative every time to reach their goals.

Please consider supporting this project and feel free to connect.

Contact Jessica ( or Neelam and Anupama directly, for more details:

Anupama Chelecchela +91-9711826862 (spricht auch gut Deutsch!)

Neelam Kerketta +919868 562115