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Over the last few weeks, our work at Tatort Zukunft has focused on expanding access to legal aid for people in prison and their loved ones.

We brought together attorneys working on prison conditions litigation from across Germany for a virtual roundtable, where we discussed how this small but dedicated legal community can strengthen its work through cooperation. By establishing a national network, Tatort Zukunft is providing a space for attorneys and advocates to share knowledge and develop strategies to achieve systemic change in German prisons.

Law Clinic Illustration © Tatort Zukunft e.V.

Closer to home in Berlin, our Law Clinic has begun offering regular advising hours to families who currently have an incarcerated loved one. Students and attorneys from the Tatort Zukunft team meet with families to discuss the challenges they are facing, to help them understand their rights and to explore solutions. The last year has been especially difficult for incarcerated parents who have not been permitted to visit with their children.