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The PrisonDesignLab is back at the Helmuth Hübner School of the Berlin Youth Detention Center. Together with the teachers on site, our designers teach various creative techniques and instructions to follow along.

Due to the pandemic, our designers are unable to work with the young people in person, but this is no reason for the project not to take place. The young people receive an introduction to the workshop topics via video tutorials and can then deepen their knowledge in the accompanying workbooks.

In this way, the young people can experience themselves as creative and gain experiences that have a positive impact on their self-efficacy. Through an exchange with participants from outside the prison, contacts can also be established. Both education and social contacts are important resources for a life without crime.

Since the beginning of the PrisonDesignLab, many great works have already been created!

Prison Design Lab #2 | Tatort Zukunft

PrisonDesignLab | Tatort Zukunft

PrisonDesignLab | Tatort Zukunft