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In cooperation with the Free University of Berlin, Tatort Zukunft has launched a law clinic in Berlin, offering free legal advice to people in prison and their loved ones.

Children JVA © Tatort Zukunft e.V.

Through the law clinic, 12 students have received training on the most common challenges facing people in prison and their families and how the law can protect their fundamental rights. On March 23, Tatort Zukunft is partnering with the German Bar Association to offer an additional training workshop on mediation, empowering students to advocate effectively for their clients through formal and informal channels.

With the support of donors, in April we will begin offering consultations to the families of incarcerated individuals at the offices of our partners Freie Hilfe. Tatort Zukunft has assembled an expert team including lawyers, professors and mental health professionals who will support students in their work. Together we are producing self-help materials in multiple languages that enable individuals and families to navigate difficult challenges like prison visiting. We will also roll out a telephone hotline where people can request legal services and, when conditions permit, we will offer additional consultations at our Kreuzberg offices. Among other issues, we aspire to ensure that the rights of families and children are protected while a parent is incarcerated.