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After more than a year of uncertainty and isolation, one thing is clear. Our community and connections are the things that matter most.

The pandemic taught us the strength of our communities and how much we need each other to get through hard times. As Skateistan students return to Skate School, we are focusing on helping them to rebuild their physical and mental strength as well as reconnecting with friends and trusted adults.

We know it's not over yet. But we will support our students no matter what.

Can you support our students to get Back on Board? Can you help to reconnect, to rebuild and to celebrate the importance of the Skateistan community in their lives?

  • Mit $25 can pay for 3 weeks of sanitizer for the children's skate equipment in Cambodia, ensuring our students can get Back on Board safely.
  • Mit $50 can pay for the additional monthly phone costs for staff in Kabul to stay connected with our female students during Covid19 and ensure they can keep progressing from home.
  • Mit $120 can pay for a child who has been displaced by conflict to attend three weeks of the Back-to-School program in Afghanistan, including transport, a healthy meal and learning supplies.

Thanks for your support!

Skateistan Back on board