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"Fly Without Fins" is an international campaign by Shark Guardian and Sharkproject, together with other marine conservation organisations, to convince airlines to stop the transport of fins.

Airlines that transport shark fins contribute to this horrific trade in shark fins, exploiting our oceans and biodiversity, despite all appeals. Without the logistics of air freight, it would often be much more cumbersome and lengthy to transport the fins from the ports in South America to their destination in Southeast Asia. We assume that 85% of all airlines transport fins, only 15% of the airlines could guarantee not to transport fins when asked.

In order to get an overview of which airlines should be denounced for their irresponsible and greedy behaviour, the campaign "Fly Without Fins" was created. All major and well-known airlines of the world, in the association of IATA, are listed here and shown whether the respective company is involved in the shark fin trade or not. The aim of the campaign is to use public pressure to cut off the shark fin traders' trade routes.

And what can YOU do? - Join the campaign!
On the website you can see which airlines still transport fins, have stopped doing so or have never done so. Simply click on "TWEET" in the list of airlines and a corresponding TWEET will be generated, which you can add to and send out under your Twitter account.

You don't have Twitter? Then make appropriate entries in your social media account, refer to the Fly Without Fins website, set hashtags for the airline as well as Fly Without Fins and Sharkproject International. Thank you for your support!


350 credits cover the cost of essential campaign materials.

This will enable us to give 10 children a badge or pencil with a motif eraser from the school project.

Thanks for your support!