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Schillerlocke is spiny dogfish

"Schillerlocke" is a fancy term that is misleading: You eat the smoked belly flap of the spiny dogfish. This fish is still offered for sale and grabbed. And this despite the fact that the spiny dogfish is harmful to health.

Dornhai sollte aus gesundheitlichen Gründen nicht verzehrt werden. Dies gilt für alle Haiprodukte, da das Fleisch stark mit Methylquecksilber belastet ist.

Dogfish should not be consumed for health reasons. This applies to all shark products, as the meat is heavily contaminated with methyl mercury. It can cause irreparable brain and nerve damage, severe kidney damage, malformations in unborn children, infertility and possibly cancer. Methylmercury is absorbed by humans hundreds of times better than mercury and accumulates in the body - with every consumption.

The EU, the WHO, the Federal Environment Agency - all expressly advise pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as children and adolescents to refrain from any consumption of fish containing methylmercury. This applies in particular to shark, swordfish and tuna. But the same applies to every other adult: stay away from these three types of fish.

Avoid the consumption of "Schillerlocken"!

Government food controls are inadequate. The German Consumer Protection Act only provides for random checks for harmful substances in sea fish.

A lot of uncontrolled fish thus enters the market. SHARKPROJECT has had samples tested in state-approved laboratories for years: An extremely high proportion of spiny dogfish in the trade is contaminated with heavy metals far above the limits, which are too high anyway.

Dogfish on the brink of extinction

Dogfish, like many other shark species, are facing extinction worldwide. The decline in the North Atlantic alone is 95% in just a few years. Dogfish are on the red list of endangered species.

Even the MSC certificate does not protect

There are MSC-certified spiny dogfish on the market. With ostensibly "sustainable" fishing, even the last remaining stocks in the North Atlantic are being decimated.
But the MSC does not check the quality of the fish either. MSC quote: "The assessment of the MSC standard refers to the stock situation... It does not include criteria on quality or health compatibility, such as the content of environmental contaminants".

A little fish lore
Behind these synonymous names is SHARK - you should pay attention to this and not buy them:

rock salmon, carbonade fish, bacon fish, sea eel, calf fish, spiny dogfish, sea sturgeon, tofu shark, conger eel, anago (a sushi speciality).

If you find this fish name on a menu, please let us know. We will be happy to take a sample there to find out if the advertised fish is an endangered species.

Schillerlocke , Sharkproject © Christine Gstöttner

Schillerlocke  © Christine Gstöttner


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