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Hello shark friends! The final stage of our campaign in support of the EU citizens' initiative "Stop Finning - Stop the Trade" is about to begin.

In just under 3 months, the collection of votes will be finished - until then, it's time to actively sign, share, inform and attract attention. Thanks to you, we have reached the first hurdle: although we have cracked the minimum number of signatures in Germany, exactly this number must be doubled again in order to successfully meet the campaign goal.

In the end, 1 million signatures of EU citizens from at least 7 of the 27 participating EU countries are needed to advance the "Stop Finning - Stop the Trade" amendment. So join in and save sharks with one click, now:

Why should we save sharks together? We will present you with many convincing arguments in the coming weeks. 

Why save sharks? Climate change and the oceans!

Rising average temperatures, increasingly extreme weather phenomena and weakening of major oceanic currents - all these drastic events are based on increasing anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere [1]. Scientists expect these changes to accelerate and intensify in the current century.

Climate change not only affects us on land, it also has devastating consequences for the oceans and their inhabitants. Rising water temperatures will further upset the already fragile balance of the oceans, the extinction risk of many species will increase and the global distribution of biodiversity will shift drastically [2]. We are already seeing a change in community structures in marine ecosystems due to these temperature changes and the accumulation of atmospheric carbon.

Many shark species are already threatened with extinction due to overfishing combined with their low fecundity, late sexual maturity and slow growth [3]. Climate change is exacerbating existing threats to sharks worldwide - often in dramatic ways.

Sources can be found here:.

Copyright: Klaus-Peter Harter, Sharkproject


Enable us to produce posters.

With 1750 credits, 1 weather-resistant (campaign) poster can be produced for our indoor and outdoor events.

Thanks for your support!