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Why this citizens' initiative?

Because the EU is one of the world's main trading centres for shark fins. On average, almost 3,500 tonnes of fins with a total value of around 52 million euros are exported from the EU every year.

Since 2013, the European Union's "Fins Naturally Attached" Regulation has banned the storage, transhipment and landing of all loose shark fins in EU waters and on all EU vessels without exception (the fins must still be attached to the shark body when the vessel is unloaded in port). This should ban the cruel practice of finning and bring about a general reduction in European shark catches.

In fact, the total catch of blue sharks in the Atlantic, for example, has almost doubled since the beginning of the millennium and controls on this regulation at sea are sporadic. Thus, no one can say with certainty how many tonnes of fins are illegally landed in Europe.

That is why we demand:

The trade in shark fins in the EU must end immediately! The barbaric practice of finning can only be stopped when regulation makes the trade financially unviable.

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