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The RheinFlanke project HOPE Life is a six-part workshop series on healthy lifestyles for young people at the transition from school to training and work. The workshops are aimed at (vocational) schools and training companies as preventive offers to maintain health in the workplace.

The topics of the three-hour modules include conflict management, stress reduction, nutrition and addiction prevention. With the end of the project phase funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as part of the "New Quality of Work Initiative", the HOPE Life team is now presenting a brochure with best practice examples . It contains the findings of the project in Cologne and Berlin gained over a period of more than three years.

Sara Penzar, HOPE Life Berlin's technical advisor, says: "We hope that the documentation of the results and experiences will be useful for other organisations. "
Lena Fröhlich, technical officer at HOPE Life Cologne, adds about the three years of HOPE Life so far: "We are very happy about the exchange we have been able to have with the target group in almost 100 workshops. With the workshops in Cologne and Berlin, we have reached a total of over 1,300 young people."

In addition, the HOPE Life team of RheinFlanke has created a digital map of health promotion for participants and interested parties, which lists close cooperation partners in Berlin and Cologne who are thematically related to HOPE Life.

HOPE Life © RheinFlanke gGmbH