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Today we introduced the last one of the 17 SDGs on our Instagram page. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came into force in 2016 with the “Agenda 2030”. 17 goals for a sustainable development should be a future guideline for governments, society, and economy. The goals should be achieved by 2030.

And we are also supporting the SDGs. We not only connect areas of humanitarian aid, environmental and animal protection, we also work with all the other SDGs. Project Wings works with and on all 17 goals.

We don’t want to show you all of them and how we achieve them here. You can find all SDGs and what we do, to achieve these goals on our Instagram feed.

But here are the first three SDGs, to show you an insight of our work. We achieved the first SDG 1 – “no poverty” especially with our deposit and recycling system and with the construction of our recycling village. We have introduced a deposit and recycling system in the Bukit Lawang region (Sumatra, Indonesia). Our Project Wings Indonesia team gives money to the local people, who bring their empty plastic bottles and Ecobricks (= plastic bottles filled with approx. 500 – 700 g plastic waste) to them. And the same applies to sorted trash since February 2021. People bring their sorted trash to our trash bank. So, they are rewarded for “environmental protection” and it provides a source of income for everyone who takes part. At the same time, our recycling village creates fairly paid jobs.

To make our contribution to the second SDG – “zero hunger”, we are strengthening the role of women, supporting sustainable agriculture, and currently distributing the income from our permaculture garden to the population.

We achieve the SDG 3 “good health and well-being” nearly automatically with our work. By improving and introducing a waste system, the chance to dispose your own garbage and no longer burn or dispose it into the environment will improve air pollution and water quality in long term. We also contribute to achieving this goal through our permaculture approach. In addition, our goal is to provide all employees with long-term insurance so that expensive medical costs can be covered. Until then we support the people wherever we can.

Be excited to see what else we are doing to achieve the goals of the SDGs and learn more about our work and our project at the same time. You can find all posts on Instagram. Otherwise, we are always available for questions or comments.

Project Wings work with all SDGS | Project Wings