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Our solution: Using plastic as a building material. This is how time after time, the biggest Recycling Village in the world emerged from plastic wastes. All of the different buildings found on the site are produced from ecobricks, bamboo, and clay. We have already reported about ecobricks in our last update.

At the very start of our project, we introduced an ecobrick-deposit and recycling system in Sumatra. The local people collect plastic wastes in nature or take the trash from their houses to produce ecobricks. Through this, we can achieve that an increased amount of plastic waste is removed from nature and isolated in buildings. People can therefore see an added value in plastic waste.

Subsequently, plastic waste - in ecobricks - 'disappears' behind a thick wall of clay, forming a building. The clay is responsible for a pleasant room climate and isolates the ecobricks light-proof, hindering microplastic from getting into the environment.

Locals receive around 12 to 30ct for one ecobrick, depending on the size of the bottle. This is how with only a small contribution, you can support locals and reduce plastic waste in nature. Thanks to even the most minor donation and your assistance, we can succeed in the fight against the flood of plastic and help the local people.

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21 credits can buy an Ecobrick.

The local people receive 5,000 IDR for the plastic brick, which corresponds to 21 credits, and is enough for a warm meal in Indonesia.

Thank you for your support!