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Ecobricks are PET bottles filled with cleaned and dry plastic from consumers. These get filled with a certain density to use as a building material that sequesters plastic. Ecobricks reduce the surface of the plastic and therefore prohibit it from degrading into microplastic and toxins. In the long term, this is significantly beneficial for humans and the environment. (1)

We use ecobricks filled with plastic in our Recycling Village as a building material for walls, furniture, and other things.

How does building with ecobricks work?

  • Plastic wastes are collected, cleaned, and dried.
  • Then the bottles are packed with this plastic.
  • The bottles (ecobricks) are used as bricks for building.
  • Lastly, a clay-lime mixture is used instead of cement to seal the wall and fully protect the ecobricks.

For around 1/2 kg of plastic building material, locals can get 5,000 IDR, which equals 30ct and is enough for one warm meal. Since this year also small ecobricks (2000 IDR) and empty plastic bottles (500 IDR) can be delivered to us.

You need more information about our ecobricks follow this link:.

With only 30ct (that is 21 Credits), you can already support us with one ecobrick!


Ecobricks | Project Wings

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