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Since the beginning, the Recycling Village has been growing wonderfully – more and more buildings are being built and finished. Simultaneously, our German team is joined by more and more enthusiastic minds.

Culcha Candela & Jonathan Elias Weiske | Project Wings

We are proudly announcing a popular newcomer. Since June, the band Culcha Candela and the actor Jonathan Elias Weiske have joined us as our new patrons. Together we are going to achieve great things. With our new patrons we have more helping hands to strengthen and support us with the biggest Recycling Village in the world. They are going to put an entirely new spotlight on our project and help us shine.

John M. Lwanga aka Johnny Strange was able to identify himself with Project Wings’ work and soon convinced the entire Culcha Candela team as well. Since meeting us, the actor Jonathan Elias Weiske has, too, been amazed by our concept and approach.

Wir freuen uns wahnsinnig, dass solche einzigartige Charaktere sich nun für unser Projekt stark machen und an unserer Seite stehen. Danke.

Further, we are excited about cooperating via Wings Experience with the organization “Afrika Rise” founded by John M. Lwanga.

More information you will find here: Article and Jonathan Elias Weiske findet ihr in dem ausführlichen Artikel des RHA. Diesen findet ihr unter diesem Link.

As always, we, not only the entire Project Wings team but especially Marc Helwing, are open for any questions and are excited to talk to you guys anytime.