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Due to the severe fires in 2020, it is now necessary to ensure that the burnt areas are not illegally converted into agricultural land. Part of our work therefore focuses on buying forest and reforesting these areas.

For this, we urgently need support from government agencies, but also international aid. Climate disasters do not stop at national borders. Deforestation is a significant contribution to a negative carbon footprint!

Forest purchase and afforestation

The purchase of forest areas within the protected area is important in order to ensure the protection of all areas in San Rafael as a national park. Some of the land is still privately owned. Despite the official ban on clearing, some owners are interested in using their land for agriculture and forestry. PRO COSARA is trying to purchase these areas in order to ensure the best possible forest protection.
In cooperation with the WWF and other organisations, projects are underway to reforest areas outside the protected area.

How you can support

We need at least five rangers for patrols and many helpers for reforestation. We want to reforest the burnt areas quickly. We need to plant and nurture at least 1000 seedlings on every hectare of burnt forest (30,000 hectares in total). By buying more land, we can secure the protected status of a national park.

  • With 28 credits you help to plant and care for one seedling
  • With 130 credits we can buy 10 m² of forest land
  • With 700 credits we can employ a ranger or reforestation worker for one day

We are very happy that we are now fighting together for the rainforest. Thank you for your support!

Reforestation of the rainforest | Pro Cosara

Reforestation of the rainforest | Pro Cosara

Pro Cosara