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One of the most important protection measures to preserve San Rafael is the park monitoring by our park rangers.

They patrol the forest area daily to detect clearing, timber theft, poaching or other unauthorised forest use. Our park rangers are trained in forest firefighting so that they can intervene quickly in case of fires in the protected area and its surroundings. In addition, we organise regular fire-fighting courses for residents in the surrounding area.

Thanks to the WWF, we have also had a microlight aircraft at our disposal since 2005 to carry out surveillance flights. We have already reported on this in a previous update: The situation has improved considerably as a result: forest fires, clearings and illegal timber dumps can now be detected more quickly and reliably.

Unfortunately, our staff have already been shot at in the past. For this reason, we want to use your donations to finance a drone with a thermal imaging camera to protect our staff from this danger.

Protected area monitoring - Pro Cosara


The purchase of a drone with a thermal imaging camera costs about 700,000 credits. Only together can we achieve this goal: With every credit we get a little closer to the camera. Tell your colleagues about us!

Thank you for your support!