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Part of our project work for the conservation of San Rafael is to show alternatives to illegal forest use.

For small farmers in the vicinity of the protected area and indigenous groups in the reserve, we try to create alternatives to conventional agriculture and illegal forest use.

For example, projects are underway to grow yerba mate and to keep bees, as well as to support the marketing of alternative products. In this way, the economic pressure on the protected area is to be reduced in the long term.

The farmers in the area are to be taught the principles of sustainable agriculture.

To this end, training courses on differentiated and sustainable farming methods are held. Pro Cosara establishes contacts with companies that offer a secure outlet for various agricultural products that can be cultivated sensibly and profitably in the region in the long term. For example, a pilot project is currently underway to sell black sesame to Japanese companies. Permanent customers are a safeguard for the farmers' future and sustainable cultivation makes settlement in the park unnecessary.

Promoting sustainable land use - Pro Cosara


125 credits allow us to buy about 10 m² of land, 1260 Credits already finance 1 are.

With this you contribute to securing the protected status of the national park. Thank you very much!