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As reported in the last updates, fires break out again and again in the Cordillera San Rafael, often due to slash-and-burn agriculture, which gets out of control especially during drought periods. Now, too, it is again too dry.

To detect fires and forest clearing in the protected area, overflights are necessary. For this purpose, WWF had given us a kit for a light aircraft. At that time, Hans, co-founder of the protected area, had assembled it into our "Lucy". With Christine, the founder of the sanctuary, the picture shows Lucy, who is ready for take-off but unfortunately is getting on in years. She needs heart surgery: the new engine has arrived.

However, Hans was shot at. This shows that manned overflights are not the best option. An unmanned drone for monitoring the sanctuary would be an alternative.

Any donations we receive for such a "Lucas", among other things, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your support!

Our plane Lucy with Christine and Hans | Pro Cosara

Our plane Lucy with Christine and Hans.