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We have received the first donation from you - thank you very much! It will be invested in forest fire fighting equipment. This measure is part of the project "Identification, restoration and protection of degraded forest areas". We also received support from the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund for this.

Tools and personal protective equipment were supplied to the "Brigade 21": These are 33 local residents from three communities bordering our San Rafael protected area. They have already been trained to provide first aid in case of forest fires. This is to prevent the spread of fires to large parts of the rainforest. They have already been deployed six times.

Our next goal is to build a fire station so that the firefighters can not only safely store their tools there, but also have a "headquarters" to better coordinate fire fighting. 

But especially important is not only firefighting in the neighbouring communities, but the prevention of slash-and-burn within the protected area. To do this, we need surveillance flights with an unmanned drone to reduce the significant risk to the lives of our staff. This is because our light aircraft has been shot at in the past.

forest firefighting equipment  | Pro Cosara

The purchase of a drone with a thermal imaging camera costs about 700,000 credits. Only together can we achieve this goal: With every credit we get a little closer to this goal. Tell your colleagues about us!

Thank you for your support!