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COP26 - Paraguay signed the deforestation freeze, but deforestation continues

In November 2021, after protests from environmental groups - including Pro Cosara - Paraguay finally signed up to the deforestation freeze agreed by many countries. A month later, we have again discovered massive illegal logging and fires to convert rainforest into farmland for drugs and soy even faster.

In a letter to government officials, especially to the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, who signed for Paraguay at COP26, we denounced these illegal activities on 9 December 2021.

On the map you can see a trail leading directly to the piece of forest where we discovered the logging. Unfortunately, ownership is difficult. Although we are classified as a protected area and internationally as a national park where no forest may be cleared, we at Pro Cosara cannot close this aisle.

Therefore, we would like to buy as much rainforest as possible.

Unfortunately, we don't have Douglas Tomkins, who has bought up land for protected areas in Latin America because governments have not paid enough attention to environmental concerns for a long time: Not very far from San Rafael is Esteros del Iberá in the Argentine province of Corrientes. The area is the largest wetland on earth after the Pantanal in Brazil. On 23 December 2015, Douglas Tomkins' widow donated 138,140 ha of the marshland for the establishment of a national park.


125 credits allow us to buy about 10 m² of land, 1260 Credits already finance 1 are.

With this you contribute to securing the protected status of the national park. Thank you very much!