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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is sounding the alarm: climate targets have been missed. Therefore, it is important to protect the last larger contiguous remnant of rainforest in Paraguay.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has published the first two parts of its 6th reporting cycle. Without drastic measures, global warming is increasing more than expected. As early as 2030, 1.5 degrees could be reached. Rainforests have a significant influence on the climate for the binding of CO2 and for the water balance.

To secure the climate targets, an immediate stop to deforestation - not just from 2030, as agreed in Glasgow - is necessary alongside a switch to emission-free energy production. In Paraguay, by the way, energy is generated from hydropower. San Rafael has been suffering from persistent drought since 2020 with high temperatures and fires that have destroyed 40% of the tree cover in our San Rafael Nature Reserve. Translated with (free version)

Forest fires contribute to the deterioration of the carbon footprint to a devastating extent. On the one hand, they destroy the biomass that binds CO2, and on the other, they release CO2 themselves. But there is hope: we are now finding trees that will grow again and planting additional seedlings with your donations. And we are committed - also with your donations - to fire protection and especially to our "forest fire departments". Translated with (free version)