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The NGO Pro Cordillera San Rafael Association (PRO COSARA) was founded in autumn 1997 by a group with the aim of preserving the last major area of transatlantic rainforest in Paraguay. In these 24 years, soy production in particular has been expanded in Paraguay. Paraguay achieved an export record of 6.48 million tonnes in 2020.

It is therefore also important that agriculture in the area surrounding the protected area is included in our activities.

PRO COSARA promotes ecological measures in agriculture so that we contribute more comprehensively to nature conservation. This includes good agricultural practices such as green manuring and the establishment of plantations for fruit and yerba mate instead of monoculture soy.

Mate is the national drink in Paraguay.

The tea is made from the leaves of the holly plant Ilex paraguariensis. Every Paraguayan carries around a water jug, including our rangers in the picture. The water is constantly refilled in the drinking cup, which is sucked from morning to night via a suction tube. Natural reproduction takes place via the droppings of birds. The Jesuits living in Paraguay discovered how to cultivate the tea bush without birds. After their expulsion from Paraguay, the government took over the trade monopoly. The town of Bella Vista near San Rafael is considered the "capital" of mate tea.

Organic farming - Pro Cosara


To finance a ranger including life insurance costs about 700 credits per day. In order to effectively monitor the reserve, our goal is to permanently employ at least 5 rangers.

Every credit helps us to achieve this. Thank you for your support!