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First, thank you for your great support of Pro Cosara in 2021! Devastating fires had destroyed large parts of the rainforest in 2020, and illegal land squatters have invaded 2021 to continue the deforestation. Paraguay was one of the last countries to sign the deforestation freeze at the COP26 climate conference.

We will be happy to keep you informed about what will happen in 2022. For us, the year 2022 started well: PRO COSARA takes over the chairmanship of the Paraguayan Committee de International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) this year and the following year. The World Conservation Organization is the umbrella organization of 211 governmental organizations
(e.g., in Germany, the Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation) and by more than 1200 non-governmental organizations (e.g., the WWF and many zoological gardens) with the common goal of protecting nature from further destruction. The main focus is on the protection of forests and the protection of species (Red List).  In Paraguay, six NGOs are members of IUCN, including Pro Cosara. We meet quarterly to coordinate actions. This allows us to pursue our goals together and with more vigor, such as the request of the representatives of Paraguay at the Climate Conference COP26 in Glasgow to sign after all - as one of the last - the Declaration for the Protection of Forests. We are also in contact with the IUCN Regional Director for South America, Gabriel Quijandria, to discuss further action on conservation in Paraguay. For example, a joint NGO appeal has been sent to the Minister of Environment, Ariel Oviedo, that sufficient funds be allocated for the conservation, sustainable use and restoration of the ecosystem in our San Rafael protected area.  What are our plans for 2022? Unfortunately, the year has started again with extreme heat and drought. This makes it all the more important to preserve the last major stand of rainforest in Paraguay. Flora, fauna and climate - the preservation of nature is a main goal of our NGO.With your donations we can buy more firefighting equipment, better train the inhabitants of the communities bordering the San Rafael protected area in firefighting and continue the reforestation.

Pro Cosara


125 credits allow us to buy about 10 m² of land, 1260 Credits already finance 1 are.

With this you contribute to securing the protected status of the national park. Thank you very much!