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On the occasion of Biodiversity Day on May 22nd, our new educational material was published. This new discovery booklet was produced in a print run of 40,000 copies and is now being distributed free of charge to primary schools and day-care centres in Rhineland-Palatinate. With the discovery booklet, we want to give children a better understanding of nature and promote knowledge of species.

Artenfinder Entdeckerheft | Pindactica

"You've discovered a great spotted woodpecker? Look for the sticker and place it in the right place: Now it shines in bright colours."

Das neue Bildungsangebot enthält:

  • A sticker booklet, in which 87 animals and plants can be pasted in
  • 64 pages of accompanying material for adults with many activities, background knowledge and exciting facts as well as identification guides
  • Audio clips, the Citizen Science project "ArtenFinder" with access for children and many other offers on the website

The children's booklet in A4 format is suitable for children aged 5-8, for day-care centres, primary schools and families. The free material also contains many suggestions for activities on the various animal and plant groups.

More about the project and how to order:

The project was developed in cooperation with the Rhineland-Palatinate Nature and Environment Foundation.