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Younger children in particular should already know about the topic - but many educational projects are aimed at older children because the topic is so complex and comprehensive. We have taken up the cause and developed methods to be able to convey the topic well in primary schools.

In one-day workshops, project weeks or an ongoing AG, the children learn what climate change is and how it affects them. In the spirit of discovery learning, the children use experiments, games and puzzles to approach the scientific contexts and consequences, which will be borne above all by the younger generations. The processes and topics are made comprehensible in a playful way, tips and approaches to solutions give hope and motivate.

Primary schools in Berlin can now book project days, an AG and project weeks with us. Two people from our trained team come with a thick suitcase full of experiments, games and diagrams.

Greenhouse effect | Pindactica

Greenhouse effect

The workshops are based on our climate change teaching material, which can be downloaded free of charge from our website. It has just been completed and published in an updated version. We have worked together with various people from the field of climate science.

The primary school courses are funded by the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection as part of the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Programme (BEK2030).

Paper recycling | Pindactica

Paper recycling

Planting little trees | Pindactica